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We utilise cutting edge technology to help deliver the best outcomes

Our goal at Alta is to help you achieve your physical best

Through bespoke assessment, we work with you to determine what your goals and desired outcomes are, and design a comprehensive plan to achieve this

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Pain & Injury

Pain and injury are two of the most common barriers preventing people from achieving their physical best. In addition to understanding your pain and injury, we can set measurable goals, and  track your physical function using objective measurement technology to help ensure that you recover fully.


Physical activity is always more enjoyable when you are able to perform at your best; this may be for sport, recreational activity, or otherwise. However, there are several things that may stand in your way of performing at your best.

Our Process

Your roadmap to reaching your goals is built by our practitioners and driven by our cutting-edge technology.

It is then actioned and curated, all while considering your needs and lifestyle.

Our Facility

Alta combines clinical expertise with advanced VALD technology to provide you with a streamlined allied health experience. Our clinic offers first-rate physiotherapy, exercise physiology, screening assessments, exercise pods, and more.