Physical activity is always more enjoyable when you are able to perform at your best

How we can help

Physical activity is always more enjoyable when you are able to perform at your best; this may be for sport, recreational activity, or otherwise. However, there are several things that may stand in your way of performing at your best. Physiotherapists are well equipped to help you improve your physical abilities to perform at your best – this begins with 2 key steps:

Test like an athlete

We know exercise is the most important component of your rehabilitation and our goal is to get you back to your gym, chosen sport or everyday life.

Whether you’re young or old, athletic or not, movement is for everyone and you’ll feel right at home in our welcoming, inclusive environment.

Evaluating Current Physical Abilites

A screening assessment at Alta involves a preliminary conversation to make note of injury history and known issues, followed by a physical assessment using our technology. We are equipped to accurately measure every major joint from head to toe, seamlessly providing a complete body assessment.

Our VALD technology is also armed with real-time video capabilities, allowing our clinicians to explain your results as you test.


Up to 50% of sports injuries are preventable with one in 17 Australians suffering an injury.

Personalised Assessment

Understanding what is keeping you from being at your physical best is the first step to helping you get better. We utilise VALD technologies to measure physical function so that we can help improve it.


The DynaMo is a handheld device that can measure both strength and range of motion. DynaMo is used to assess specific joints and muscles to help us better understand where to focus our treatment and exercise programs on.


ForceDecks are a “dual force plate system” that measures force. Every movement we perform, both in sport and normal daily activities, require our bodies to produce force. The ForceDecks are great for measuring overall force, balance and assessing for side-to-side asymmetries. 


ForceFrame is a “fixed frame dynamometer” capable of measuring high forces and can assess how strong different parts of the body are and in different positions. The ForceFrame is excellent at measuring isometric strength, measuring how strong you are.


NordBord is a device that is designed to measure hamstring strength. Hamstring strength is very important for runners, recreational athletes, and individuals recovering from surgery – especially and ACL reconstruction. 


HumanTrak is a motion capture system that identifies landmarks (bones and joints) in your body, and analyse your movement. The HumanTrak gives us an in-depth look at areas of your movement that we can improve with treatment.

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