VALD Performance Assessments

Test Like An Athlete 

What is involved?

Your performance testing will focus on the key areas of your chosen sport or general athletic performance.

The testing session will begin with a discussion with the physiotherapist to identify your needs and goals of the session. This will guide the assessment and selection of the appropriate tests. 

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Who can benefit?

Performance assessments can be tailored to a specific sport or more generalised to get a overall picture of your athletic performance. Sports that we have tested include:

Why test?

Sports testing has long been an important indicator of success. Not that long ago laboratory testing was confined to only the elite professional athletes. Now with the growth and development of technology, we have access to this technology that was previously not available to the general public.

Sport and athletic testing has a number of benefits for individuals and coaches. You can measure progress to see how effective your training is. You can identify areas of concerns and weakness that may put you at risk of an injury. You can compare to normative data to see where you rank amongst others your age. You can tailor your training and gym program.

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Our testing can include the following state-of-the-art equipment


Measures strength and range of motion of all major joints in the body.


Measures jumping and landing forces and balance.


Measures strength of both upper and lower limbs.


Measures hamstring strength.


3D motion capture and biomechanical analysis.

Instant Reporting

Informative reports that will assist you to achieve your goals, whether it be injury rehabilitation, injury prevention or improved sporting performance.

Our reporting allows us to show you asymmetries between sides, allows you to measure your improvements following a training program and highlights weaknesses that the human eye may not be able to see!

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Alta VALD Tech report

How often should you test?

Testing can occur at multiple stages throughout an athlete’s season. Throughout a season, an athlete goes through various cycles of training. Pre-season training involves strenuous training that preps the athlete for the season ahead. Throughout the season, teams will tailor their training depending on how they are performing, injury concerns and how close to the finals they are. The aim is to reach peak performance for the Finals with the off season coming afterwards which allows athletes and teams the chance to recover and reflect on their season.

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