Exercise pods

Real-time exercise assessment in a fully equipped space.

Fast-track your progress with Alta's exercise pods

Make the most of your clinic sessions by booking an exercise pod at Alta. Our state-of-the-art pods are designed to help you assess progress within your exercise program or rehabilitation journey.

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What is an
exercise pod?

The Alta clinic offers fully outfitted spaces you can use to assess your movement and improve your form. Our human movement technology allows you to evaluate yourself in your own time and implement the changes you need. Make the most of our clinical space and exercise equipment and see your progress accelerate from session to session.

When should I use an exercise pod?

Our exercise pods allow you to see your imbalances and understand how you can improve your form on any given exercise. You can use them between sessions with our Physios and Exercise Physiologists to drive your progress, or book a pod for your own use at any time. They are also perfect for achieving group fitness goals.

What do the exercise pods include?

The pods include a squat rack, a barbell, dumbbells, foam balls and rollers, and more. Each pod is also equipped with a TV and an iPad, meaning you can complete your exercises and assess your form in real-time.

What technology is used in Alta's exercise pods?

The information provided by our technology offers unprecedented autonomy to your exercise program. Using the TV and iPad installed in each pod, you receive real-time information on the exercises you are performing. This means you can adjust your movement on the spot and be assured that you are doing it correctly.

More than just physio

Alta is not a gym and more than just a physio clinic. We know exercise is the most important component of your rehabilitation and our goal is to get you back to your gym, chosen sport or everyday life.

Whether you’re young or old, athletic or not, movement is for everyone and you’ll feel right at home in our welcoming, inclusive environment.

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