VALD Functional Assessments

Your musculoskeletal health checkup

What is involved?

The testing session will begin with a discussion with the physiotherapist to identify your needs and goals of the session. This will guide the assessment and selection of the appropriate tests. 

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Who is it for?

Functional assessments involves a variety of comprehensive musculoskeletal testing of the body. They can be specific, for example for a return to work or pre-work screening or they can be more general similar to a health checkup for your muscles and joints.

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Assessments tests include






Approximately one in three people aged 65 years and over fall each year.

Our testing can include the following state-of-the-art equipment


Measures strength and range of motion of all major joints in the body.


Measures jumping and landing forces and balance.


Measures strength of both upper and lower limbs.


Measures hamstring strength.


3D motion capture and biomechanical analysis.

Instant Reporting

Informative reports that will assist you to achieve your goals, whether it be injury rehabilitation, injury prevention or improved sporting performance.

Our reporting allows us to show you asymmetries between sides, allows you to measure your improvements following a training program and highlights weaknesses that the human eye may not be able to see!

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Alta VALD Tech report

Why should I test?

Think of the functional assessment like a health check up for your muscles and joints. It is a general check up that can identify early joints and muscles that may be at risk of being injured. Examples include:

Balance assessment which can help identify if you are at a falls risk

Strength and ROM testing allows you to compare between sides. This highlights asymmetries which are often present after an injury, even when there is no pain present. If these asymmetries are not improved upon, then you may be at risk of further re-injury.

Injury prevention management and reducing re-injury are vital for maintaining a healthy body.

How often should I test?

Unfortunately, many of us do not look after our bodies as much as we should. Many industries highlight the benefit of more regular check ups and assessments such as:

You service your car every 10,000km or ~ every 6 months.

Dentists recommend you get your teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months.

We believe that individuals would benefit from twice yearly functional assessments. Younger individuals may not require as regular testing, but they would benefit from the VALD Performance Assessment which can assess how effective their training program is.

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