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Ever been prescribed exercise?

If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medicine in the world. We’re all aware that exercise is the most important part of rehabilitation, but without monitoring and adherence, success rates are low.

At Alta, our expert health care practitioners tailor engaging exercise programs, underpinned by world-leading human movement technology. Through monitoring and refinement, we offer unmatched rehabilitation solutions.

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Physiotherapy initial consult: Upon your initial consult, you will be greeted by our concierge who will ensure that your clinician has all pertinent information for your appointment, including but not limited to: doctor’s referrals, radiological imaging, and pre-visit questionnaires and consent forms.

Your physiotherapy consult will begin with a subjective examination, during which your Physiotherapist will ask questions to ascertain the purpose of your visit. This will be followed by an objective evaluation, including assessment on our VALD technology, that will help you understand your body and guide your treatment plan. Your physiotherapy treatment may include any combination of manual therapy, education surrounding your presentation, and therapeutic modalities (such as cupping or dry needling).

Before leaving, you will be provided with a personalised exercise program though the TeleHab app. This will allow you to complete your exercise program independently and provide feedback to your Physiotherapist about your progress. At the end of your first visit, your Physiotherapist will also discuss with you a plan moving forward.

Physiotherapy follow-up consult: Upon returning for a follow-up consult, your Physiotherapist will briefly ask questions to determine how you are tracking. Your Physio may also reassess the same tests performed in the initial consultation to see how you have progressed. This will be followed by appropriately selected treatment methods and exercise.

Group exercise/Exercise pod (EP or Physio led): If your Physiotherapist determines that you will benefit most from exercise immediately, you will be recommended to book an exercise pod. During this session, you will be assigned an exercise pod and equipped with everything you will need to perform your exercise program. Additionally, we will provide the supervision of a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who can offer feedback, answer any questions, and modify your exercise program as necessary to make sure you are continuously progressing toward your goals.

VALD testing service: You may be referred for VALD testing by a practitioner you have seen, or you may seek VALD testing for your own purposes. VALD testing services incorporates objective testing measures, involving VALD technology (equipment that it utilised by high performance and health practitioners globally) to accurately assess movement quality and strength. This information is presented to you in a concise report and can be used to help guide health or performance interventions and inform decision-making around treatment or training approaches.

For your convenience, we have facilities equipped with showers for you to change before work if necessary.

There are parking spots designated for Alta clients directly in front of the clinic. In the unusual circumstance that all spaces are taken, there is street parking available on Austin Street.

It is preferable that you wear athletic or loose clothing that allows you room to move and exposes the sight of injury, if appropriate.

You may request to have all your performance assessment data sent to you in a report.

At Alta, we utilise state of the art technology to both assess and treat our clients. The technology provides objective data that helps us to better understand our clients presenting condition, and we use this information to design bespoke treatments, including personalised exercise programs.

No. All our clinicians have a variety of experience, and our Physiotherapists are currently pursuing their Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

No. We take patients who have been prescribed a care plan from their GP, if this plan includes physiotherapy or exercise physiology. However, we do not bulk bill.

Yes. We accept all private health cover. We suggest that you ensure your plan includes extras for physiotherapy or exercise physiology.

Both. If you prefer a closed treatment space, please make this clear to the concierge upon arrival.

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