Physiotherapy Newstead

What to expect

Physiotherapy initial consult

When you first arrive at Alta, our concierge team will work with you to ensure we have all the relevant information for your assessment.

This includes your pre-visit questionnaire and consent form, and may also include additional information such as doctors’ referrals and radiological imaging.

Your assessment

Your physiotherapy consultation will begin with an examination, during which your physiotherapist will ask questions related to the purpose of your visit.

This will be followed by an assessment conducted with VALD technology.

VALD’s human measurement technology collects data that will be used to help you and your physiotherapist understand your body and guide your treatment plan.

Your treatment

Your physiotherapy treatment may include any combination of manual therapy, education surrounding your presentation and therapeutic techniques such as cupping or dry needling.

Additionally, all treatments will include the prescription of a personalised exercise program.

Your physiotherapist will prescribe your exercise program through the TeleHab app.

This mobile app includes a video guide for each exercise in your program. It also includes exercise reminders and enables you to provide feedback to your physiotherapist about your progress.

At the end of your first visit, your physiotherapist will discuss an appropriate treatment plan with you.

This plan may include exercise led by our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists and will also determine the most appropriate time for your follow-up consult.

Exercise Pods

As part of your treatment plan, your physiotherapist might recommend you book an exercise pod.

Our exercise pods are equipped with everything you will need to perform your exercise program.

They are also supervised by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist who can provide feedback, answer any questions, and modify your exercise program as necessary to make sure you are continuously progressing toward your goals.

Physiotherapy follow-up consult

When returning for a follow-up consult, your physiotherapist will briefly ask questions to determine how you are progressing.

Your physiotherapist may also conduct a re-assessment, or new assessment using VALD technology to see how you have progressed.

This will be followed by appropriate treatment methods and potentially modifications to your exercise program and treatment plan.

VALD Testing Service

VALD’s human movement technology is used by health and high-performance practitioners globally.

It is used to accurately assess movement and strength capabilities through the collection of objective data.

This data can then be used to help guide health or performance interventions and inform decision-making around treatment or training approaches.

You may be referred for VALD testing by a practitioner, or you may seek VALD testing for your own purposes. Either way, the data we collect during the testing session will be presented to you in a concise report.