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Alta Physiotherapists are experts in treating a variety of injuries and pains to help you get moving again.

A modern approach to physiotherapy

We pride ourselves on our clinical expertise and world-leading human movement technology to make sure our clients are happy and engaged.

Our physiotherapy Fortitude Valley clinic covers a wide range of conditions, including: neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain, osteoarthritis, posture related pain, osteoporosis, workplace injuries, sporting injuries, pre- and post-surgical treatment, and more.

Personalised physiotherapy treatments

At Alta, we take a modern approach towards physiotherapy that streamlines your injury prevention and rehabilitation. During your session, our clinicians gather detailed data on your strength and movement, which is then interpreted with specialist proficiency. We then translate our findings into tailored treatment, optimised for you.

We provide an extensive selection of treatments depending on your needs. Our Physiotherapists are qualified and well-versed in manual therapy, dry needling, cupping, tendinopathy, taping and strapping, prescribing exercise, and more.

Find out more about how the physios at Alta can help you return to a productive and healthy lifestyle.

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Physical therapy for chronic neck pain is one of the most effective tools for pain alleviation. If your neck is sore, stiff, or painful, we assess the causes and treat them accordingly. Neck physiotherapy may also be necessary if you’re recovering from surgery or injury.

At Alta, we work with you to help remove neck pain, improve neck strength and prevent these issues from reoccurring moving forward. Our neck treatments include:

• Neck joint mobilisation
• Massage of neck muscles
• Neck exercise prescription
• Continued advice for neck pain prevention.


The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. This means that shoulder pain is common and requires intricate knowledge to treat correctly.

The Physios at Alta are experienced in shoulder pain and shoulder rehabilitation treatment across a variety of injuries, including chronic shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, AC joint injuries, rotator cuff tears and more.

Shoulder physio treatment includes:

• Shoulder strength and mobility assessment
• Physical manipulation of shoulder
• Advice for shoulder pain
• Exercise programs individually designed for your shoulder problems.


The most common problems treated by Physiotherapists are related to back pain. This is because our bodies are primarily supported by the back, which can suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, soreness, and poor lower back mobility. 

Alta’s Physios are experts in understanding the causes and solutions for all types of back pain, stiffness and soreness.

Back pain is often best treated with a combination of physical therapy and exercise prescription. This includes:

• Back joint mobilisation
• Upper and lower back massage
• Tailored back exercise programs
• Back strengthening exercises.


Knee pain is an extremely common condition which affects almost everyone at one time or another.

Whether it’s chronic knee pain, knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL tears, knee fractures, knee tendon tears, or other knee conditions, our expert Physios will help get you moving again.

Knee treatment at Alta includes:

• Improving knee flexibility and range of motion
• Knee strengthening exercises
• Knee strapping and/or bracing
• Post-surgery knee treatment
• Knee ligament rehabilitation.


The hips provide vital lower body functionality due to their central position between the spine, lower back, pelvis, and legs. This means that when your hips are not working as they should, it can have a major effect on the rest of your body.

Hip pain can occur for a number of reasons, including from a sport injury or from strain during daily activities. At Alta, we analyse your hip pain, using our expertise and technology to find the correct diagnosis first-time. We can then treat your hip pain with:

• Hip strength and conditioning exercises
• Hip mobility exercises
• Hip joint mobilisation.

Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy

As ankles and feet are responsible for bearing the full weight of the body, they can be prone to pain, strain and injury.

Strained ankles, ankle fractures, feet aches, Achilles tendon issues and plantar fasciitis issues are common injuries which need the correct diagnosis and proper care.

At Alta, our Physiotherapists will give you first-rate foot and ankle treatment to keep you moving. We provide:

• A variety of foot and ankle tests for diagnosis
• Manual foot and ankle therapy
• Foot and ankle strapping and bracing
• Foot and ankle exercise prescription.

Wrist and Hand Physiotherapy

Problems in the hand and wrist can be difficult to diagnose and treat appropriately. This is due to their frequent use in many daily activities, including gripping, driving and heavy lifting.

Alta’s Physiotherapists can treat hand and wrist conditions such as chronic wrist pain, wrist weakness, poor range of motion, nerve and tendon damage, break and fracture recovery, and arthritis.

Elbow pain, elbow arthritis and tennis elbow are also common issues which can be treated at our Newstead physio clinic. Our Physios provide:

• Precise wrist, hand and elbow pain assessment
• Wrist, hand and elbow physical therapy
• Post-surgery wrist, hand and elbow rehabilitation
• Movement, strength and mobility recovery.

More than just physio

Alta is not a gym and more than just a physio clinic. We know exercise is the most important component of your rehabilitation and our goal is to get you back to your gym, chosen sport or everyday life.

Whether you’re young or old, athletic or not, movement is for everyone and you’ll feel right at home in our welcoming, inclusive environment.

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