We can set measurable goals, and  track your physical function using objective measurement technology to help ensure that you recover fully.

"Our goal is to help you recover from your injury and return to the level of physical function and activity of your choice."

Injuries are a frequent source of functional impairment, and if untreated, can have long-lasting effects. Although injuries can often heal over time, it does not mean that you are automatically able to return to the same level of function as you would have been capable of before the injury.

It is our job as physiotherapists to investigate the cause of the injury, the extent of the damage, and what other body regions may be involved. Treatment for injuries often involves rest in the early stages to create an environment that facilitates optimal healing and mitigates risk of further damage. As time progresses, it is vital to ensure that pain and other symptoms are being reduced, while strength and physical function are being restored.

How we can help

Physical function is often compromised following an injury. In addition to understanding your injury, we can set measurable goals, and  track your physical function using objective measurement technology to help ensure that you recover fully. Common injuries we treat include:

Personalised Assessment

Understanding what is keeping you from being at your physical best is the first step to helping you get better. We utilise VALD technologies to measure physical function so that we can help improve it.

Here are some of the technologies we use:


The DynaMo is a handheld device that can measure both strength and range of motion. We used to assess specific joints and muscles to help us better understand where to focus our treatment and exercise programs on.


ForceDecks are a “dual force plate system” – in other words, they are 2 platforms that measure force. Every movement we perform, both in sport and normal daily activities, require our bodies to produce force. The ForceDecks are great for measuring overall force, and assessing for side-to-side asymmetries. 


ForceFrame is a “fixed frame dynamometer” – it is like a larger, stationary version of the DynaMo. It is capable of measuring high forces and can assess how strong different parts of the body are, in different positions. The ForceFrame is excellent at measuring isometric strength, this is when you push against an immovable object, it measures how strong you are.


NordBord is a one-of-a-kind device that is designed to measure hamstring strength. Hamstring strength is very important for runners, recreational athletes, and individuals recovering from surgery – especially and ACL reconstruction where a hamstring graft was used. The NordBord is great for assessing strength and asymmetry, and is very helpful for informing exercise selection. 


HumanTrak is a motion capture system, meaning it can identify landmarks (bones and joints) in your body, and analyze your movement, providing a comprehensive report on how you perform simple and complex motions. The HumanTrak gives us an in-depth look at areas of your movement that we can improve with treatment.

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