A modern approach to physiotherapy

Expert health care empowered by world-leading human movement technology.

We structure the rehabilitation journey around your life

Extended opening hours and various treatment options ensure your program can be tailored to your lifestyle and commitments. We offer physiotherapy, screening assessments and exercise pods.

Our unique practitioner-supervised exercise pods are available as part of your rehab journey and can be easily booked through our online portal.

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Starting with a plan

Your roadmap to recovery is built by our practitioners and driven by our cutting-edge technology.

It is then actioned and curated, all while considering your needs and lifestyle.


Access everything you need, when you need

Your rehab journey will be a combination of monitored at-home exercise and in-person assessments. Our exercise pods are readily available for supervised sessions with our friendly practitioners and we provide all necessary equipment on-site.


All facilitated by innovative technology

Along with our experienced team, you will have access to technology used by elite athletes.

Objective data from these technologies helps guide decisions on your treatment plan and allows us to help you understand your rehabilitation.

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Proactive screening assessments

We offer assessments to identify injury risk, collect baseline movement and improve performance.


More than just physio

Alta is not a gym and more than just a physio clinic. We know exercise is the most important component of your rehabilitation and our goal is to get you back to your gym, chosen sport or everyday life.

Whether you’re young or old, athletic or not, movement is for everyone and you’ll feel right at home in our welcoming, inclusive environment.

Want to find out more?​

Contact us to find out more about Alta and how we can help you at hello@alta.health.

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